Hannigan Honey is CFIA and USFDA approved. From small jars of smooth, creamy white honey, to container loads of  honey in drums, you will partake of the quality and professionalism first established by Albert Hannigan in 1940. 

Hannigan Honey has been producing fine Canadian honey since 1940. Our honey is naturally processed to preserve its vitamin and mineral content, amazing white colour and wonderfully mild flavour.

We’re based in Shellbrook, Saskatchewan, a community nestled on the edge of the Canadian wilderness. It’s a spectacular landscape of vast, rolling fields of canola, clover and alfalfa. Here, our 5,000-plus beehives are rated as the healthiest and most productive among our peers. 

Mild, silky, smooth – Hannigan Honey.


Our unprocessed honey is extracted without excess heat, producing a world-class product full of natural nutrients and antioxidants. 

In 1940, 16-year-old Albert Hannigan was a typical farmboy, up with the sun to milk the cows and do his chores before heading off to school. But even on the remote Canadian prairies, the Second World War was changing the way people lived—farm families were doing more work with less manpower. Rationing meant basic food stuffs had to be carefully measured out. Albert saw his mother Cora struggling to make rationed goods (especially sugar) stretch farther. 

That’s when he had a sweet idea.

Albert ordered his first beehive through a Canadian mail order catalogue. He saw beekeeping as a way to produce home-grown sweetener to supplement the family’s sugar ration. Selling honey would also bring in extra money and help out his parents. 

That single beehive produced 50 pounds of honey the first year. It was a modest start. But Albert’s fascination with his new bees actually inhibited the beehive from reaching its full potential, because he was constantly checking the progress of the new combs. 


It was the beginning of a life-long passion. By 1949, the war was over and Albert was a married man looking to make his own mark on the world. He moved his hives north to Big River, Saskatchewan—alfalfa country. Over the years, the honey business grew along with Albert’s family. 

In 1977, Hannigan Honey relocated to Shellbrook to take advantage of a new source of nectar—canola. In 1998, Albert’s son Murray took over the family business and became president of Hannigan Honey Inc. David Philp, a young man who had started working at Hannigan Honey at the age of 16, became a business partner in 2013. 

Today, more than 75 years later, Hannigan Honey continues to produce marvellously smooth, natural honey. We’ve grown from a small farm operation into a major Saskatchewan producer. Our over 5,000 hives produce an average of 1 million pounds (500 metric tonnes) of honey per annum. 


Our first beehive in 1940, was the inception of a beekeeping legacy. Hannigan Honey has continued to flourish and exceed the standards expected of a world class honey company.

Science & Passion

Beekeeping is a blend of science and passion. Our team of apiarists not only know bees, we love bees. This combination of competence and pride has driven Hannigan Honey to a position of prominence on the Canadian honey scene. 

Albert Hannigan learned early that the best honey requires careful handling and processing. He knew that too much heat would damage the honey, so he kept the warm rooms and extracting temperatures at natural beehive levels. He taught us well. 

From the hive to the honey gate, our honey never exceeds the temperature of the beehive. This preserves the vitamin and mineral content, the natural volatiles and aroma, the amazing white colour and, of course, the wonderfully mild flavour of Hannigan Honey.

CFIA and USFDA Approved

Our industry-leading extraction facility is the centrepiece of Hannigan Honey's production infrastructure. Its clean flow lines and superior hygienic performance are state of the art, and our presentation of bulk honey is flawless in our new Canadian-manufactured food-grade drums. Our management team regularly inspects and maintains the workings of our plant providing detailed records to ensure the best results in product and performance. 

This quality control meets the strict regulation necessary for approval by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA). Our plant sets top standards for cleanliness and compliance in Western Canada's massive honey producing region. Following sales agreements, shipping containers are securely loaded by our experienced team of specialists, meeting our international buyer's highest expectations. .

The Secret to Canadian Honey

The average honey yield per hive in Canada is twice the world’s average, thanks in part to our northern climate. Our summers are short, but summer days are long, condensing the window of opportunity for survival. For beehives, this results in scant overwintering populations of 15,000 bees per hive. Then, when spring arrives, the hive population explodes—reaching up to 80,000 bees per hive in as little as two months. Such massive bee numbers lead to uniquely spectacular honey production. 

Winter survival is a great measuring stick of a healthy apiary—and Hannigan’s survival rates exceed the standard for Canadian beekeepers.


Hannigan Honey extracts canola/clover—a blend that produces an exceptionally smooth, mild flavoured, white honey.

Mild, Silky, Smooth

Hannigan Honey is wonderfully pure, deliciously smooth, mildly fragrant. Our meticulous attention to extraction and handling ensures every pound of Hannigan Honey delivers the best flavour, colour, texture and nutritional profile. 

Hannigan Honey comes largely from the nectar of canola and clover flowers. This produces a mild flavoured honey with a wonderful white colour typically between 1– 12 mm on the Pfund scale. Canola/clover honey in liquid form is delightfully mild, light and clear honey. If pasteurized, the honey can remain liquid for up to 6 months.

The canola/clover blend really shines as a smooth creamy honey. Its silkiness is a taste sensation. It spreads easily on the freshest breads and biscuits, without pulling at the surface. Stored at room temperature, creamed Hannigan Honey remains stable, soft and pliable for years. 

Naturally Nutritious

  • One tablespoon (15 g) of honey has 17 g of easy-to-digest carbohydrates, plus vitamins and essential minerals.
  • Honey is a traditional sore throat and cough remedy, can help soothe the pain of peptic ulcers, and has proven antibacterial properties.
  • Honey can help boost memory, treat dandruff and aid sleep. It’s also a delicious, all-natural energy booster.

Hannigan Honey Is Enjoyed World-Wide

Hannigan Honey produces an average of 1 million pounds (500 Metric Tonnes) of honey a year. Eighty percent of our honey production is exported to global markets, including the USA and Japan. The remaining 20% is sold in the domestic Canadian market. Our honey is shipped in food grade 200-litre drums, each holding about 300 kgs. The food grade drums are manufactured in Lloydminster, Alberta specifically for honey producers.